Starting Out

This will be a work in progress for awhile.  I have decided that the 140 characters of Twitter are great for short snippets of conversation, but I want to be able to expand and amend those comments.    Please be patient as I start out with this.  I will be doing my best to not offend anyone, however to engage in reasonable and thoughtful debate.  Looking forward to starting on this journey.



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4 responses to “Starting Out

  1. Fantastic site and wonderful insight on exactly what once was and what the young had hoped it to be. Great writing!!!

  2. Dennis

    The reason for the demise of Hope within the administration. The Democratic line seems to believe the Right wants Obama to fail and Democrats need to rally to prevent this from happening. Never once have I heard Democrats say that the American People need to succeed and let us protect them. This is because the current legislation has more to do with protecting brand Obama than providing the results for the American People. These clowns have to go if Hope is to have a chance.

  3. You will probably offend people… But that’s ok! It’s impossible to please everyone.

  4. Dennis

    The current President is simply OverEstimated. The President can not relate to the American people through no fault of his own. He was raised over seas in lands far removed from the homeland and was not a part of the Americana growing up experience. He is a polorizing President because he relates to issues differently than do we. He claims to be a non-partison, but, every time he gives a town hall speech he is making fun and digging his opponents – a truly strange way to seek common bonds. He speaks on both sides of every issue and then claims the side he wishes to make whatever point he is attempting at that moment. He claims he is the President for all the people and shuns even recognizing the “tea party” folks and when he has to, as being radicals not representing the mainstream citizen. He claims to be a post-racial President and yet drags racial issues up whenever he thinks he is in political trouble or to make points with his base. His real problem is that he is so worried about making the wrong move (anything outside the Democratic platform) that he is paralized and can not make any decision. Thus Reid, Pelosi and others run the ship into the ground without a captain at the helm. If we expect leadership from this Administration we are simply OverEstimating the results that will be received. America deserves better.

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