Worst President Ever?

Earlier today a friend with a more left leaning perspective than mine  and for whom I hold in high regard professionally and personally, commented on a tweet of mine in which I stated that I believed that  Barack Obama was the worst president ever.    In my lifetime (and I am 56 years old and can remember where I was the day JFK was shot) I truly believe that this is true.  It has nothing to do with his policies–none of which I agree with, by the way.  Nor does it have anything to do with the color of his skin (just to take that off the table, right Hillary?) 

My disdain for this President is that he had the support of many idealistic young Americans who believed that they could “Hope” that things in this country would “Change”.  He has squandered an opportunity to impact a new generation of Americans to a life where public service was a noble and the right thing to do (“Ask not what your country can do for you….”). 

Back door deals, late night/early morning votes, Cornhusker/Hoosier/Cajun state payoffs, and inappropriate name calling by members of this administration and those who see themselves as their surrogates,  have become the hallmark of this administration..and before you say anything..yes, this has always been business as usual in Washington–and it was not right when either side of the political spectrum were in the seats of power.   Yet,  Barack Obama promised better, and so far has not delivered. 

As a young person, I admired John and Robert Kennedy for their service to this country.    I was inspired to serve my community  and  give something back by serving on city councils,  boards and commissions, chambers of commerce, etc.  My fear is that Barack Obama  will have a lasting impact on ths  generation of young  Americans for the worse rather than the better.  I hope that those who worked for his election and hoped that he would bring “real” change to the meatgrinder known as the American republic will not become disillusioned with the system.    

While I doubt that I will ever be in total agreement with what Mr. Obama proposes and will vote for candidates who are not as well, I am hoping that he will not be the worst President ever in the eyes of so many people who believed in him and the “Hope and Change” that was promised.  He has already earned that distinction with me.


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