Victory Lap

Yesterday, President Barack Obama returned to  Iowa City, where he first unveiled his plan for health care reform during the Presidential campaign.  The press has characterized it as a victory lap.  Probably a good analogy.  Quite frankly, the sprint metaphor is a good one for this President. 

When I was in junior high and high school our PE curriculum included the Presidential Physical Fitness test.  We had to do so many push ups, sit ups, throw a softball, long jump 100 yard dash, 400 yard run, and 600 yard run.  We trained for the various components of the test throughout the winter months and  tested in the spring near the end of the school year.   To qualify for the coveted Presidential Physical Fitness test patch and certificate, one would have to acheive minimum benchmarks in each event.

Our PE teacher  instructed us that the 100 yard dash should be run differently from the 600 yard run.  The 100 yard sprint is a power run, you gave everything you had all at once to run the 100 yards in the fastest time possible.  The 600 yard run was one of endurance.  You started out at a normal pace, picked up speed as you went along, but in a steady pace.  The  time was important, but it  was more  about the endurance, not speed.

I think that this is the perfect analogy for the President and his domestic agenda.  With the healthcare reform bill, he started out fast and he gave it all he had and he reached the finish line..but what does he have left?  If he attempts to run another sprint, such as with immigration reform, cap and trade, or another stimulus,  will his time be as good?  If he continues to sprint time after time, at one point is his energy going to wane and he will lose the race or even worse, stumble and fall thus being disqualified?

The American people know that our republic has seen sprinters before, but it is those who understand and are in for the long haul, who can go the distance as it were, finishing the race in good time, but more importantly enduring the long race who will be  the eventual winners.

So, go ahead and enjoy your victory lap, Mr. President.  Conservatives are learning  very quickly that they must be in it for the long run.  We will endure, and the next few months we will keep a steady pace.  We will see who is taking the victory lap come November.


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