The Year of the Woman (no Conservatives need apply)

This election year has been so named by those who decide these things “The Year of the Woman”.  Never in recent memory, or in history for that matter have there been so many female names on the ballots across the country.  Wow!  Ninety years after women were finally allowed to legally cast ballots, we’ve come a long way baby….but have we?

The sisterhood of politicians is a tough sorority to join.  For example in my county, the liberal bastion of Johnson County, Iowa, several of the women who hold elective office and the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party of Iowa, submitted a letter to the editor  last week to the Iowa City Press-Citizen and Cedar Rapids Gazette stating that they do not believe that Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, the GOP Candidate for Congress in Iowa-2 is “qualified” to be the first woman to represent Iowa in the US Congress.  Wow!  A woman who joined the Army, earned nursing, teaching, and MD degrees, a member of the medical school faculty at the University of Michigan and the University of Iowa, the first woman President of the Iowa Medical Society, small business owner, wife, mother, community volunteer, and admittedly an unsuccessful soccer coach is not qualified to be a member of Congress. What disqualifies her?  Only the “R” designation of her political party.

In the past ninety years, so many women  from both parties have attempted to crack the glass ceiling that still exists in only two states:  Iowa and Mississippi , where there have never been a woman elected as governor, US Senator, or member of the US House.  So of course, the Iowa liberals are beside themselves at the prospect that a conservative, a Republican, a woman from a small south-central Iowa city (Ottumwa) appears to be poised to do what the Democrats in this state have been unable to do.

Iowa is not the only state where this is the case.  The situation in California which came to light in the past week of the unconscionable comment from  former Gov. Jerry Brown to describe his opponent, Meg Whitman is beyond belief.

Earlier this morning, I heard Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) state on Fox News Sunday, when asked about the Sharron Angle-Harry Reid race in Nevada, “we can not have ‘that’ in the United States Senate” : ‘that’ being Sharron Angle.  Oh, my!

What is going on here?  From Christine O’Donnell to Sarah Palin, women in politics deserve to be put under the same scrutiny for their positions on policy as anyone else. But to summarily dismiss or impune a woman on personal issues or with the most vile and disgusting terms shows that maybe we have not come as far along baby as the feminists of the 1960s would want us to believe.

Women have as much right to a point of view as men, and that so many of them this year are conservatives and carry that banner is testament to the fact that the glass ceiling has been broken for women who previously were held back by the feminists of the past who really were not about allowing women to grow into being their own person, but rather to march in lockstep to the liberal, progressive, anti-family agenda that they espouse.

I am proud to be a woman, and even more proud to be a Conservative woman. I say to my sisters who have walked the walk and now have put themselves out there to put their name on the ballot– whatever the political party that you represent, I salute you.  I will choose to vote for you not for your gender, but for your political philosophy.  I can only hope that soon, others will come around to do the same.

In the meantime, Mariannette, wear some protective head gear…something tells me come November 2 you will need it!


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